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Question to Germans, Swiss, and Austrians

So my German teacher is around 60 years old, good lady. She's from very southern Germany. Is there anything that she could be teaching that's not used anymore amongst young people?

September 11, 2017



Germany had a spelling reform in the '90s and then a reform to the reform a couple of times later on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_orthography_reform_of_1996

Other than that the German vocabulary is evolving just like any other language. Words not used anymore are for example

  • "Fräulein" - "Miss"

  • "Kegel" - a child born out of wedlock


She's taught us Fräulein. She still says it often.


Fräulein (vs. Frau) is still an acceptable salutation in Hochdeutsch. You better be sure the lady is a virgin though :) (jk - similar to "miss", also not that widely used anymore, it is mainly used for unmarried women) (perspective from an Austrian ex-pat)

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