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  5. "další žena"

"další žena"

Translation:another woman

September 11, 2017



Can someone explain to me how "další" is different from "jiný?"


další - next, another, further

jiný - different, other


While you're explanation is sufficient for the literal and minimum explanation, i think the confusion is rooted in the similarities if the two in English. I found this online and makes sense:

The words another and different are very similar in meaning and they can often be used interchangeably. ... Another difference is that the word different can be used with a plural noun. The word another cannot be used with a plural noun: These are different times.


I see that "dalsi" means another/next However when I answered it as "another woman" for "dalsi zena" , it shows as wrong. How come it is wrong?


As you can see above, "another woman" is the official translation here.

If you did indeed answer that, it may be the Duolingo grading bug. Please use "My answer should be accepted".


I learbed here that for the male words, the end was -í, and for female words -á. OK. But here, this -í for female words, that is hard.


Check the Tips and notes of this lesson for hard vs. soft adjectives. Your rule only works for the hard ones.

The whole declension with all the cases to be seen in the future is quite complex indeed.


Žena is cognate with Greek γυνή/γυναίκα (gyne), and English quean/queen (Old English cwene/cwēn) or Icelandic kvinna.


It is interesting that all of your comments that I've seen so far seem to have received one up-vote within minutes of their being posted.

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