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Streak freeze

What is the meaning of : " equipped " in the icon of streak freeze? Thanks for cooperation.

September 11, 2017



That means next time you fail to complete your daily goal your streak will be preserved until the next day.


Yes, pollyperki, you will stay 'equipped' as long as you do not miss a day. When you miss a day, the streak freeze will be used, and you will not be equipped any more. You will have to notice it, because you will not get a notification, not even on Duolingo's website. If you think you have missed a day, you can verify that by going to the Lingot Store, to see if you are equipped or not. If not, you will be able to purchase a new streak freeze. If you do not miss a day, you will stay equipped for ever. :)


Don't use it!! It is hard to tell when it truly works.


That's like saying not to put on a seat belt or safety glasses because sometimes things go wrong.

If I'm trying to keep a streak, I check the lingot store when I sign on to make sure my streak freeze is still "equipped". If it isn't, I buy another one. It might not be perfect, but it is the best insurance you can get.


I am sorry, I have to disagree. If you work hard to get a high streak like 100 day XP, 1,000 XP, so on.


Thanks thedoctor


All good pollyperki. ;)


Until a few days ago, when I missed two or more consecutive days, I had a streak of 600+ and had used streak freeze on many, many occasions without a hitch so, yes, it truly works.
Having said that, losing it was the most liberating thing that has happened to me here since starting in Jan 2016.


I always have an "equipped" streak freeze. It worked twice for me. IMO, it's worth having it just in case.


It worked! (for once).

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