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Duolingo has changed a lot over the years : A lot since I joined in 2015.

As my title says, I really miss some of the activities we used to have 2 years ago and some which are new and interesting as we would have thought it to be.

I am going to say a few things that we really miss right now at this moment :

1) The activity stream.

2) The flash cards ( even though we are using Tinycards right now, we are not having the same interest as we had for flash cards)

3) The lingot store ( Nothing there, except for the streak freeze and sometimes, it doesn't work either)

4) The quizzes ( I really miss them!!)

Due to these, some people are leaving duolingo. Why not the lingot store upgrade? Why don't they bring back ONLY the quizzes even though not updating the whole lingot store?

Why? Why? Why?

Thanks for reading!

Also pls comment below!

September 11, 2017



I really miss the activity streams!!!!!!!!


By "activity screens" do you mean the ability to send a player a private but public message? When that feature disappeared, Duolingo came basically irrelevant to me--just a vehicle to review grammar and nothing else. I had some amazing discussions with other players and learned many language skills writing to native speakers in Spain, Cuba and Paraguay. I can no longer contact these people. Frustrating.


I joined DL in 2015 as well. Yes, it has changed a lot and i miss that DL. I liked the activity and the streams where we could chat and comment. But i still enjoy learning languages so i'm still here.


1) The activity stream

As Lrtward has said, the script put a lot of pressure on the servers which were on the verge of crashing.


Well at least there are still lots of complaint threads about the same topics from years ago. So you have that...

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And IMMERSION! Lots of great contacts made there and valuable (for me) discussions.


''Why not the lingot store upgrade? ''

Don't ask us, we know as much as you do.

''4) The quizzes ( I really miss them!!)''

Wanna know how to get the quizzes back?


Yes! Absolutely yes! I have been looking at the Walmart searching for quizzes ( just kidding!)

Pls do tell me woof.....

I don't f l like calling you woof...could u pls tell me your name or maybe ur short name? Pls?


Eh... Call me Kateri Marie, but tbh I prefer ''woof'' :)

Anyway, here's how to get the quiz back:

When you are on a discussion page open the browser console (press F12)



It should reply ["^.+"];

Click on home (don't reload the page)

Go to the lingot store and buy the quiz (note: you must click lingot store, not the lingots in the top right corner)

Thanks to LICA98 and Testmoogle for showing me this!


About the activity stream, it's not quite the same but I think they might be A/B testing a chat function in clubs. That option suddenly apeared for me a couple of days ago. Exciting!

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