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"František never does laundry."

Translation:František nikdy nepere.

September 11, 2017



Proc nemuzu rict "nikdy nedela"?


"nikdy nedělá" means only "never does".

Quite simply, the phrase "do laundry" cannot be translated literally. We have the verb "prát" for this purpose (to launder or wash).


yeah i know, i guess household language is not always the most correct


I wrote "František nikdy nedela prádlo" and got it wrong, where did i mess up?


"Dělat prádlo." doesn't work in Czech the way it does in English. Maybe, it cound mean "To make laundry." but it sounds weird anyway. I don't know whether to imagine making clothes, or making dirty clothes...


Please read the existing discussion first.

"dělat prádlo" is simply not a Czech phrase, you translated an English phrase word for word, but it does not work that way.

There is "velké prádlo" and you probably can "dělat" it, but I would not just use "dělat prádlo". Not in this day and age.

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