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"Vous aimez vos petites chaussures."

Translation:You like your small shoes.

September 11, 2017



aimez should be both like and love


Are your shoes human beings? If not, then no.


Even if not human, the English translation of love would be correct. As it is a common expression. The answer is not in French, it is in English, where this would be a perfectly acceptable translation.


You can still love an inanimate object, including an item of clothing. For example, a woman might say to a friend, "I LOVE your new dress"! In such a sentence, she is certainly not expressing romantic attraction for the dress, just expressing a deep admiration for it. Someone who is into Ferraris might say "I love Ferraris". Again, not in the sense of having a romantic or sexual attraction to Ferraris (though there are probably people weird enough?), but just being really enthusiastic about them.

So beyond any shadow of a doubt, "love" as well as "like" should be accepted here.


I have put in the correct answer 3 times and still comes back incorrect


Report it. To clarify, what answer have you been inputting?


I think there should be a mistype button as autocorrect is quite annoying


"You love your little shoes" would be a correct English interpretation of this would it not?


That's what I put and was marked wrong. Although maybe "love" would tend to be conveyed more by "Vous aimez bien etc.". Nevertheless, I have reported it as I think it should be accepted.


Change your keyboard settings so you can swip right or left and alternate between engilsh and french keyboards on your phone. It is a life savor and it's fun.


You like your tiny shoes. (evaluated WRONG)

(tiny = small. Maybe implement some common synonyms? Just a thought)


Tiny in French would be "minuscule" or "tout petit". It conveys a sense of smallness that goes beyond "little", in the same way that "huge" or "enormous" is a step up from "big". It is therefore not an exact synonym (whereas "little" and "small" are). So sorry, but I think that one was fair enough.


What's the difference between chausures and chaussures apart from a 'typo'?

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