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  5. "아이가 거울 속에 자신을 봤어요."

"아이가 거울 속에 자신을 봤어요."

Translation:The child saw themself in the mirror.

September 11, 2017

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Is "themself" a proper English word?


No it is not. We should report it. It should be either The child saw himself in the mirror or The child saw herself in the mirror.


Themself actually has been in standard use for a while now. It's a gender-neutral version of himsef/herself. >Now that we can use the singular they, sometimes themselves seems wrong. For example, consider this sentence: Tell the next caller they can redeem the winning code themselves. That sounds wrong since we know it's just one person. This makes more sense: Tell the next caller they can redeem the winning code themself. [More on this] (http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/themself-or-themselves)


It should really be "themselves" if duolingo wanted to keep the answer gender neutral, but imo both "himself" and "herself" should be accepted (since the Korean sentence doesn't specify a gender, either should work).


The child (singular) must agree in number with the pronoun. I should, I think, be 'itself', 'himself', or 'herself'.

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    Well, doesn't it supposed to be "the child saw himself in the mirror"?


    It and itself are awesome gender-neutral pronouns.

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    "It" has a very strong implication of inanimacy, and using it for an adult human is insulting. Sometimes you can get away with it for a child or baby, but even then it's a little weird. On the other hand, English has had singular "they" longer than it's had singular "you".

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