Hi I'm new and I am a beginner

September 12, 2017


Oh! Welcome to duolingo! Since you are new, pls read the guidelines of our website to know more. And also understand that you are not supposed to post spam discussions which people don't agree with. Since you are new , we expect you to follow the guidelines. If you need any help, pls do ask the community. For now, this is considered as a spam post. Always post discussions that people love to read or maybe you could ALSO ask doubts about your learning progress, your settings problem and many more. But don't ask any suggestions on your personal issues.

This is the guidelines page : pls read this :

I hope you understand! Thank you!

Hi Yulissa! Welcome to duolingo! Congrats on finding the best website on the world wide web! I hope you have fun!

Here are some links you might find helpful:

Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask! There are a bunch of people here willing to help you! I hope you have fun learning a language!

Why are there down votes?

Because posts with content that is not related to language learning (questions or posts about language learning or languages in general) are considered spam posts, even in the absence of malicious content. So a post with only self-introduction (as harmless as it may seem) is unfortunately treated as such. That is why it's really important to check the community guidelines before making a post.

Edit: That being said, I really think this down-voting is too extreme a reaction towards simply a beginner introducing themselves. In my opinion, the post should not be treated in the same manner as posts with inappropriate content, or commercial advertising posts. It is enough to remind the user to read the guidelines and follow them in future posts.

Hi Yulissa and welcome to Duolingo! I hope you have enjoyed your time on Duolingo so far!

Some helpful links:

Unofficial Duolingo Wiki and FAQ:

Help Page:

Troubleshooting Forum:

[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?:

[Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?:

Grammar Glossary, Helpful Links, and Tips & Notes (French):

Duolingo Guidelines:

French from English Forum:

I hope that you have fun learning French! It truly is a beautiful language!

Hi Yulissa! one of the first things I learned is that this is a language learner, not a facebook. Have fun, and feel free to ask questions (questions following the guidelines). :)

hi welcome to duolingo. :)

Welcome Yulissa :)

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