"hezký člověk"

Translation:handsome person

September 12, 2017

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"nice person" is wrong?


Yes. Hezký when used with people means 'of pleasant appearance.'


yeah i typed PRETTY and it corrected to handsome


Yes, it's wrong... Nice, meaning 'pleasant personality,' is "příjemný" or "milý" in Czech. "Hezký" denotes physical appearance, hence handsome or pretty. (Note: adjectives above are in the masculine gender.)


now is "nice person" wrong? duolingo suggests "cute person", which I think nobody would say in English.


Well, probably not in that particular combination of words, but to say that someone is "cute" or "pretty cute" is common enough in English.


Cute boy, cute girl, cute woman, cute cat, but "cute person" you don't say. I'm asking this question because in other examples, "nice" duolingo does give "nice" as a proper translation of "hezký". It doesn't really matter, once I've seen what they want me to type, I'll type that next time.


Right- this is Duolingo's method, as you probably already know from your other courses. It is sort of a "natural method," like a child learns his own language--you learn new words, try to use them appropriately, and someone corrects you when you make mistakes :) I put "nice person," too. Thanks to everyone for the explanations. Nice weekend, but cute person. Got it :)


You can literally say 'cute person' in English, there's nothing odd or uncommon about it unless you don't use 'cute'.

The scenario i see this used is if a person, personA, not in a relationship is discussing prospective dates with another person, personB. PersonB suggests that a third person who is not there, PersonA thinks about the third person and voices their agreement. 'yeah, i Guess they're a cute person....'


Cute person is said in english


Why is beautiful person wrong? I use this term in English all the time.


Beatiful is stronger than handsome or pretty. We translate it as krásný.


What about, nice looking?


Or good-looking?


Good-looking is fine too, but I am not sure about nice-looking. I think in english it is used for describing things (e.g. nice looking car), or when the person is well dressed rather than handsome, but correct me if I am wrong.


@ Tomchy1

In the US, something, or someone looking "nice" is one of those words that can be used for different things.

It can indeed refer to someone being dressed nicely/well dressed. That they look good/nice in what they are wearing.

But it can also refer to a person's actual looks. It usually means that they may be pleasant looking/nice-looking, pleasant or nice to look at. It is often used to describe people who, while they may not be actually considered beautiful, look well, nice to look at.


I get that hezky means good looking when used with people and nice when used with things... but what if I want to say 'a pretty castle' or 'a nice person' ?


a pretty castle - hezký hrad, pěkný hrad

(nice and pretty means the same for things)

a nice person - milý člověk, příjemný člověk


Přímo zde na Duolingo jsou překlady nice car = hezké auto.


In another lesson, duolingo gave "nice person" as a good answer for "dobrý člověk". Now, it is the wrong one...


Hezký isn't the same as dobrý. Handsome (or pretty) isn't the same as good (or nice) either.


Why is "attractive person" not accepted? It gives "handsome person" as the proper translation, but "handsome" is a gendered adjective, usually applied only to men, whereas "attractive" is not gendered.


The word "člověk" is masculine, so I guess that's why it was marked as wrong but you could say attractive as well. It is indeed not gendered.


No, it is not about the gender of "člověk".

Attractive is just a not close enough. In Czech it is: přitažlivý, atraktivní


Since 'člověk' is translated as a 'person', i.e. is gender neutral, and 'hezký' should be translated as 'pretty' for people, Duolingo's translation of 'hezký člověk' as 'handsome person' does not follow its own pattern. Additionally, 'handsome' is mostly (though not exclusively) used for men. I'd expect a 'pretty person' to be accetable here as well for the sake of consistency.

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