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  5. "Did you hear the news?"

"Did you hear the news?"


September 12, 2017



English should say "that news" if they want us to use その. The sentence is much more natural without it.


To hear "the news" is far more natural to my English ear than "that news".


I agree, but I think they were saying that the Japanese sounds more natural without the その, which I agree with. If they want us to say そのニュース they should say "that news" even though it does sound strange in English. If they want to stick with "the news" then they should allow us to leave out the その.


Not necessary. その can refers to something previously said in the conversation. In this case, translating it "the" is totally acceptable.


This answer would make sense were there more of a conversation. As presented, this question is poorly written.


I don't see how they can object to leaving off the sono


I agree on that. I know it is for educational purposes but many of the sentences overlook the importance of context in Japanese and have a bit unnatural translations. I just wish several translations were available in those cases, as annoying as it might be to do.


その does not directly translate to "that", it's just an easy way to learn it in the beginning. I reccommend reading manga-sensei's explanation https://manga-sensei.com/ko-do-a-so/


Again, same problem where typing exactly right answer marked wrong. At least eight more examples of this resent problem can be found. All of them have in common katakana 二 symbol, which I think create a problem somehow.


I'm not sure how old this comment is but you have to be careful because the katakana Ni ニ is very similar to but separate from the kanji Ni (2) 二 ニ二 If you use the kanji instead of the katakana or vice versa it will mark you incorrect


Agree with comments below. The two translations mean very different things.


So その is required, right?


I tried ニュースを聞いたの? and it also works it seems.

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