"Ona je Kateřina a on je Matěj."

Translation:She is Kateřina, and he is Matěj.

September 12, 2017

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When I listen to this at normal speed, the speaker sounds as though she says ona for Matěj. But when I listen at half speed, it is clearly on. But then I put it at normal speed again, and I distinctly hear ona.

I did use to the REPORT button for this; just curious to know if anyone else hears what I hear.


I am just starting in Czech. I don't have a slow speed. Nevertheless, I can hear a difference between "on" and "ona"


Why Kateřina can't be Catherine?


Do not translate names.


There are too many spellings of the English translation of Kateřina: Catherine, Katherine, Katharine, Katrina, etc. Also, in general it is not good practice to translate someone's name. If Jane Doe travels to Spain, her name does not become Juana.


Because otherwise your answer will not be accepted in this course. It is as simple as that.


I wote everything correctly, but it gave me error because of comma in front of the word "and". Why? It is incorrect. In English we don't put comma in front of the word "and" usually. Please correct these kind of mistakes.


Duolingo completely ignores commas. So if you put 10 commas in there or you leave all commas (and full stops, question marks, etc.) out, it won't matter. They all get filtered out.

That means your answer cannot be rejected based on commas (whether extra commas or missing ones). If you had sent a report, would could see why your answer was actually rejected.

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