"Hledám krávu."

Translation:I am looking for a cow.

September 12, 2017

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Proč ne 'I look for a cow'?


I'm looking for means 'Hledám' and that's how it is.


But hledám can mean both "I am looking for" and "I look for." However, "I look for" is not the best choice here, although it is now accepted.


Why does this question not accept "I am searching for a cow" as a valid answer?

[deactivated user]

    It was actually what the program suggested for me after it marked my sentence wrong "I search for a cow".


    And why is only present continuous only marked as correct here (I'm looking for, I'm searching for)? Why not I search for? or I look for?


    The simple present is now accepted, but it's not the best choice is a sentence like this. If you just say, "I look for a cow," it sounds like something is missing. Examples: "I look for a cow..." every Thursday... when I want to eat really fresh beef... when I have nothing better to do..."

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