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"I am interested in that woman."

Translation:Zajímám se o tu ženu.

September 12, 2017



why "zenu" ending in "u" here? thanks


In this sentence, "woman" is the object of the verb. "Ženu" is the accusative case form of "žena."


Can I not use zajímá and make me the accusative and žena nominative and omit se


Yes, you can say Zajímá mě ta žena. as well. But that is more like 'That woman is interesting to me.'


pls, why is "Já zajímám se o tu ženu" wrong?


because when you use the pronoun (in this case Já) "se" must be between Já and Zajímam (Já se zajímám). But, when you don´t use the pronoun, "se" takes part after the conjugated verb, in this case zajímam (zajímam se). So the answer in this case can be (zajímám se...) or (já se zajímam). Was thing that I discovered doing this excersises :D


it is so much easier to do what sleeper said six months before you. use "se" in the second slot.


It might be easier but it doesn't help loger term. Oscar explained WHY it is done like that. The main trouble I am having is finding any logic in a lot of what happens with the sentence ordering, because it is different to English, and all the changes of words with case and gender etc, because it's not something I use in English, so it is better to explain why, rather than just say what it is. Oscar's answer has just hugely helped me because of this.


No, Oscar definitely did not explain why it is done. We do not recommend it, but our users are free to reject the second position rule for "se" and all the other enclitics and replace it with Oscar's description of what he thought was happening in this sentence by locating the subject pronoun and/or the verb and sticking "se" between the two or after the verb.

Try to use that explanation to figure out which of the following sentences are correct:

  • O tu ženu se zajímám.
  • O tu ženu zajímám se.
  • O tu ženu se zajímám já.
  • O tu ženu zajímám se já.

The versions with se in bold type are wrong.


If you want to know why, read https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920

The fact that it needs to be in the second position IS the correct explanation. There is no other magic. Clitics must be placed there.

"Many Indo-European languages, for example, obey Wackernagel's law (named after Jacob Wackernagel), which requires sentential clitics to appear in "second position", after the first syntactic phrase or the first stressed word in a clause." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clitic#Word_order

I am afraid the explanation by OscarJaraV mostly obscures the reason.


No, he did not explain WHY, he observed something that works here as a coincidence.


Excellent help, thank you. This is something that has been causing me problems and now I think I get it properly... until the next weird variation comes along of course! Cheers.


Second position rule for 'se' ;-)


why "tu" and not "ta"?


accusative case


I put "O tu ženu se zajímám" and it marked me as incorrect, saying I should have put "ta žena mě zajímá." First, if I'm interested in a woman, shouldn't it be in the accusative "ženu"? Second, where did "mě" come from? I don't think I've learned that word yet.

On this page, it says "Zajímám se o tu ženu" but every other sentence in this lesson puts the "O" followed by the direct object FIRST, then the reflexive pronoun and verb. Should I report this sentence?


Maybe it was missing at the time you commented. It is certainly accepted now.


In the previous sentence mě jiní muži zajímají was ok, but here I put mě tamta žena zajímá to find that mě is in the wrong place. Is there a difference?


Maybe it was missing at the time you commented. It is certainly accepted now.


Je se zajimam o tu zenu. besides the accent marks why is this wrong ? Thanks


"Já se zajímám o tu ženu" is accepted. But what you wrote in your comment is "JE se...." If you actually did use , you may have run into the intermittent grading bug.


Thanks, yep that's what I did . Oh my


I gave the answer as "Zaimam se tu zenu" but got a comment "You have a typo" showing the correct answer to be: "Zajímá mě ta žena."


Yes, that is a possible correct answer.


ta and me are not options in the list of word choices


Of course not, you have words for "Zajímám se o tu ženu." there. If you want to answer differently, switch to answering from your keyboard.


For you and others who may not be aware of this yet, tiles are only provided for words that appear in the main translation -- the one at the top of the page -- usually along with some "decoy" words.

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