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Iphone Profile Frustration

I would so much like to use my iPhone in my quest to learn French and Italian but my attempt to create my required profile is thwarted when I receive a message telling me that the email address I have entered is a duplicate. And of course that's true because it's mine, the one I use from my computer. Can anyone advise me if there's a way around this? Merci & grazie. Cheers Ron

September 12, 2017



Use a different email address...
Or log in with the same credentials you use on the web.


Yes, logging in with the same credentials is a good idea!


Speaking of profiles on iOS, does anyone else think it's annoying to have to go to the Clubs link in order to even see the Profile link?

This could make it harder for new users to find the Profile link.


Yes it is very annoying. Also you have to look around to find the other languages selection to have a reverse tree to pop up and be available to do on the app.

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