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"Ben je een man? Nee, je bent een vrouw."

Translation:Are you a man? No, you are a woman.

September 12, 2017



I know someone will want to direct me to somewhere not available directly through the mobile site to answer this, so without doing so, why is the "t" dropped from "bent" when it proceeds the pronoun "je", and is that a rule for all verbs?


The -t is dropped in questions where 'je/jij' is the subject. It's just the rule. "Ga je weg?" "Wat lees je?" "Waar kijk je naar?" "Werk je nog morgen?"

But note that verbs where the stem ends in a -t, the -t isn't dropped. "Eet je mee?" "Zit je goed zo?"


Thanks I really got confused


I think that similar to other languages certain consonants are added or dropped in order to ease pronunciation. For example in English, we say 'a' or 'an' depending on whether the following word starts with a consonant or a vowel. In Spanish 'agua' is feminine but is preceded with the masculine article 'el' instead of the feminine 'la' because it aids pronunciation. Perhaps this is something like that.


thats not why agua is el


Question 1: Is the general rule here just to put the verb in front of the pronoun just as it is conjugated for that pronoun? Question 2: If answer for question 1 is yes, is there any other case you change the form of the verb like is done when it used "Je, Jih"?


That is one crazy sentence, don't see that coming up in daily conversation, and shouldn't it be: Ne u ben een vrouw?


How dare you assume my gender, Duo


When do we use bent and zijn?

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Dutch conjugates verbs:

  • Ik ben
  • Jij bent
  • Hij/zij/het is
  • U bent
  • Wij zijn
  • Jullie zijn
  • Zij zijn


Silly question. Maybe I should know by now, but it is just to clarify.

Je, Jij and U have the same meaning?

Thanks a lot


Yeah. The only difference is they are used depending on formality and emphasis.

U - formal; singular; Jij - stressed; singular; Je - unstressed; singular; Jullie - plural


Can you explain what is meant by stressed? Is it a way of saying a word to show emphasis, or something else?

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It's to show emphasis, yes.

See here for more information: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3734337

(As an addition to Laddie.Lass, "u" can be both singular and plural. However, "u" is always conbined with 2nd/3rd pers. singular verbs)


I thought it would be, "Bent je een man?" Have I missed something?


I'm quoting user catnipkitten:

"The -t is dropped in questions where 'je/jij' is the subject. It's just the rule. "Ga je weg?" "Wat lees je?" "Waar kijk je naar?" "Werk je nog morgen?"

But note that verbs where the stem ends in a -t, the -t isn't dropped. "Eet je mee?" "Zit je goed zo?""




This sentence is confusing at many levels !


I typed it in correctly and it said it was incorrect. Double checked it. Just missing a question mark--which was not available in the word bank.


Not confused about the sentence but it didn't give me the right words to select

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