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"I do not buy milk anywhere else."

Translation:Jinde mléko nekupuji.

September 12, 2017



what is the difference in using just jinde as compaerd to using nikde jinde to mean anywhere else?


Why do i need to add si if i say "Nekupuji si mléko nikde jinde."? And why is nikde not necessary if we put nekupuji last and jinde first?


Si makes it reflexive. nekupovat = 'not buy', nekupovat si = 'not buy for oneself'

Jinde mléko nekupuji. = 'I don't buy milk elsewhere.'

Nekupuji si mléko nikde jinde. = 'I don't buy milk for myself anywhere else.'


So, the correct translation of "I do not buy milk anywhere else" is "Nekupuji mléko nikde jinde", correct? (and as a variant, "Nikde jinde mléko nekupuji.") And, correspondingly, the translation of "I do not buy milk elsewhere" is "Jinde mléko nekupuji". Does it sound right?

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Why is "nekupuji mleko jinde" wrong?


“Jinde mléko nekupuju” was not accepted. “Nekupuju” was corrected to “nekupuji”. Why? I thought either was correct.


We have some missing translations, but the Duolingo system is not working properly and I cannot add them.


Can't be ¨Nekupuji mléko jinde¨ as well?


Sounds strange, better "Nekupuji mléko nikde jinde." if you want this word order.


In that sentence i'm unusually confused about the word order :D especially nikde and jinde give me a hard time.... (I found out putting "nikde jinde" at the beginning of the sentence does not work, but i think "jinde nikde" might work)

Would you mind listing all the possible versions?

Thanks in advance (and for all the other answer you give), you're always a huge help!


"Nikde jinde" works perfectly fine at the start of a sentence. Nikde jinde mléko nenakupuji.

"Jinde nikde" is an awkward combination, like "else anywhere" instead of "anywhere else".

There are currently 97 accepted forms, but it is probably not complete.


Should mléko nekupuji jinde be accepted, or does it sound strange in Czech? :)


It does sound strange. Much better is Mléko nekupuji nikde jinde. I have added it.


Why? Slight reason?


Jinde means some other place. That means you are saying that there is some specific other place where you do not buy milk (and here you probably do not buy something else instead).


Why is "jinde nekupuji mleko" wrong?


It means: There is a place somewhere else where I do not buy milk.


Thanks, the word order is really tripping me on this one. I don't understand how changing the order of the object and the verb can change the meaning of the adverb, could you elaborate on this, maybe with a couple examples?


Same. The course doesn't currently teach word order formally and there's some things which are difficult to learn without looking through the discussions. But this one I really had zero idea what word order would be correct.


Jinde nekupuji mléko. (Jsou místa kde nekupuji třeba chleba a jsou jiná místa, kde zkrátka to mléko nekoupím, přestože tam chodím nakupovat běžně). Nedá se tak anglická věta přeložit?


Tady nekupuji chleba. Tamhle nekupuji sýr. (někde) Jinde nekupuji mléko?

To bych asi přeložil jinak.

I do not buy bread here. I do not buy cheese there. I do not buy milk somewhere else/elsewhere.

Ale nejsem rodilý mluvčí.


Is there a Czech equivalent for the term "splitting hairs"?


maybe "chytrému napověz"?


Why "nekupuje mleko jinde" is wrong while it means the same?

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