"No, I do not see the avenue."

Translation:Ні, я не бачу алею.

September 12, 2017

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Почему не "проспект", "авеню"? Ведь для аллеи есть другое слово?


Thanks for pointing out, both should be accepted, I added them to the list, now they are. Don't know why they haven't been before, maybe it was overlooked. Both are existing words in Ukrainian, проспект has really the same meaning as авеню.

Алея is actually slightly different, it's not a big wide street in the city, but rather a small narrow one in a park. However, all of these are usually surrounded by trees, maybe that's why алея ended up here :)


Так, аналог слова авеню в українській мові - це проспект

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