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  5. "누가 저녁을 준비했어?"

"누가 저녁을 준비했어?"

Translation:Who prepared dinner?

September 12, 2017



Is there any difference in use between 준비됐다 and 준비했다?


A passive verb form of a -하다 verb can be formed by replacing -하다 with -되다. E.g.

제공하다 - to provide

제공되다 - to be provided

It's similar in this case,

준비 - preparation

준비하다 - to prepare (literally, preparation-do)

준비되다 - to be prepared (literally, preparation-become)

Now why the past tense form 됐다 is used here I'm not exactly sure but my guess is perhaps it's more like "have you been prepared" rather than "are you prepared". Would love to get insight from a more fluent speaker though :)


This site has helped me understand the difference between passive and active verbs; it has a section specifically on 하다 to 되다 type verbs: https://www.howtostudykorean.com/unit1/unit-1-lessons-9-16/lesson-14-korean-passive-verbs/#kpv1


누가 저녁을 準備했어?


How would you say, "Who is prepared (ready) for dinner?"

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