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Do all languages begin with basics one?

I know that german, French and dutch do, but i'm not sure about the others. Any advice?

September 12, 2017



Hungarian starts with phrases, Czech starts with "Hello!" (which is basically also phrases. )

Russian starts with Alphabet skills.


Korean starts with the Alphabet and Japanese starts with Hiragana (which is one of the syllabaries), Greek starts with ABC and Czech starts with Hello!. Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Irish and High Valyrian start with either Basics or Basics 1. (same for English from Spanish) (and those are the ones I have besides the ones you listed)


Italian order:

Basics 1 >> Basics 2>> Phrases>> Food>> Plurals>> Animals>> Food 2>> Possession>> Clothing>> Questions>> Present>> Colours>> Conjuct.>> Prep.>> Time>> Family>> Measure>> Occupation>> Household>> Adject. 1>> Present 2>> Adverbs>> Places>> Objects>> People>> Clitics 1>> Numbers>> Determin.>> Present 3>> Pres. Per.>> Adject. 2>> Infinit. 1>> Pronouns>> Formal You>> Imperative>> Education>> Travel>> Directions>> Past imp.>> Feelings>> Abs. Ob. 1>> Sports>> Past Per.>> Adject. 3>> Adverbs 2>> Abs. Ob. 2>> Infinit 2>> Medical>> Future>> Gerund>> Arts>> Fut. Per>> Abs. Ob3>> Subj.Pres>> Science>> V.Cond.>> V.Modal>> Cond.Per.>> Communic.>> Nature>> Subj. Per.>> Business>> Subj.Imp>> Past>> Spiritual>> Politics


Swahili starts with Intro


Spanish starts with basic/placement test, if you are beginner then it is basic and if you are already learning Spanish it is placement test.


Thank you!!! This helped so much everybody!

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