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question about how duolingo works

Please can anyone tell me if the grey checkpoint icon lights up when you have passed or if you continue to next checkpoint when you feel you have done enough.

September 12, 2017



No, the "Checkpoint button" does NOT light up.
It stays grey and only shows "passed".
It is the same for ALL my passed checkpoints.

"Checkpoint passed"


BTW: The "French" language sub-forum is not the right forum to ask about technical or general things on DuoLingo.
You better move (edit) your thread to Troubleshooting or DuoLingo(English).


Sorry if this is off topic, but what userscript/mod is that in the screenshot? It looks cool.


It is called "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" and V0.2 works with EN-x courses, where English is the base/source language (e.g EN-FR).

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