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  5. "Give me the knife!"

"Give me the knife!"

Translation:Gib mir das Messer!

September 12, 2017



ok duo...will you let my family eat tonight?


Why is it not "dem messer" since you could say "give it TO me"?


    The dative part is "to me", i.e. mir. The knife is the direct object (what is being given) and hence needs accusative case.


    According to the Hints page, "(i)f you use a stem vowel changing verb, like lassen (ich lassen, du laesst, etc.) you don't keep a + umlaut when giving order. Geben is a stem vowel changing verb (ich gebe, du gibst, etc.) so why is it "Gib" and not "Geb?" Danke sehr. Kara


    The Hints page is partly wrong. The rule is a little more complicated than that; however, it is also completely regular.

    All stem-vowel-changing verbs with „a“ --> „ä” do not change, as the Hints page correctly states.

    All stem-vowel-changing verbs with „e“ or „ei“ --> „i“ do change.


    Thanks so much for clarifying this for me, Aaron. I can now just memorize the rule for "e" and "ei" stem-vowel verbs in the imperative. As for the "a's," I don't think I'll try to memorize whether or not each and every verb changes or not. I'll just have to wait until I have enough familiarity with a verb so that changing the stem-vowel sounds right. I very much appreciate your help. All the Best, Kara


    To summarize the three possible solutions:

    • Du: "Gib mir das Messer!"

    • Ihr: "Gebt mir das Messer!"

    • Sie: "Geben Sie mir das Messer!"


    Someone watched "The Golden Child".


    how would you say that formally to someone


    Geben Sie mir das Messer


    Umm.. what do you plan to do with the knife?


    So for it to be dem messer you woukd be saying "give the knife to me" would this change mir to mich?


    For the knife to become dative, it would have to be the direct object in the sentence. I can't think of many sensical sentences, but here's an example:

    Ich gebe dem Messer eine Tomate.

    The knife is dative in this sentence because it is the one receiving the object.

    Subject- Ich Verb- gebe Indirect object- dem Messer Direct object- eine Tomate

    If you want to learn more about how to determine word order, I recommend going here: https://www.germanwithantrim.com/single-post/2016/1/15/German-Word-Order-Direct-Indirect-Objects


    No. If you said Gib mir dem Messer, it wouldn't make any sense. If you said Gib dem Messer mich, you'd be telling someone to give you to the knife.


    Is "Gib mir das ____ " polite ? Can I use it, say, when I'm having lunch with my colleagues in a canteen ?

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