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  5. "You like water."

"You like water."

Translation:Ihr mögt Wasser.

September 12, 2017



so... du magst wasser is like saying "you like water" to my buddy, ihr mogt wasser is like saying that to a group at a table i'm serving and sie mogen wasser is like saying that to a colleague? and/or my group of friends. correct me if im wrong


How do i know that i was supposed to use "ihr" instead of "du"?


Any of the following are correct translations. If they are not accepted, send a report during the lesson as there may be a bug in the system that creates new sentences. Duolingo just needs to pick one answer to display as a suggestion.

Du magst Wasser
Ihr mögt Wasser
Sie mögen Wasser


Ahh, i see.. Thank you so much!


This is stupid. And impossible to know. How can a person be expected to know that this is plural. It should say, "you all like water".


Why ihr not capitalized?

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