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URL /vocabulary/overview backend stream is missing 4 verb skills, words list incomplete

Hello DuoLingo and "Skill strength viewer" user script developer team,

I am having trouble with my EN-PT Portuguese course.

I have completed about 82% of the tree.
The "skill strength viewer" user script does NOT show 4 (3) verb skills (so far).

I checked the URL https://www.duolingo.com/vocabulary/overview and recognized that the following 4 (3) verb skills are NOT contained with the "vocabulary overview" (words) stream:

When I double check (Ctrl + F) my user database "words" tab for some listed (learned) words in those skills, I can clearly see that they have NOT been added to the list, despite the skills are completed AND have already been strengthened.....or maybe some verbs about future may be linked in the "Words tab" to "Infinitive 1/2" skills in the /vocabulary/overview/ backend stream.

Strength viewer contains a lot of verb skills, e.g:
- x past = past tense (gold)
- x future (gold)
- x gerund (4/5 strength)
- x imperative (1 strength)
- ....

The skill "future perfect" was suddenly added to the list/stream after a single strengthen excercise (on the web), even it was definitely NOT there before!!!
The other three verb skills are still NOT being added, even I have strengthened them multiple times (on the web).

I believe I may have learned some of those skills before on the Android app, but syncing is fine with my (web online server) tree (all lessons finished, skills either gold or 3-4++ strength).

Does this have anything to do with "Dead Words (0 Strength): 242/2579"???

I had even saved my old "Skill Strength viewer" listing, which 100% excluded those 4 (3) above skills!!!

@DuoLingo backend developer team: Can you please help / fix the backend vocabulary stream / user database words bug?

With best regards

September 12, 2017



Thomas.Heiss, what you describe is like a whole other language, and you seem to be fluent in it! kudos!


Skill "Past Perfect" has been strengthend two times on the web and is now gold.
It is still NOT included - like "Future Perfect" - in the vocabulary stream and it's words have not been added to the "words" list.

Skill "Present Perfect" is now gold too (strengthend on the web). Has not changed anything.


I have detected the same problem: I thought it was because I had exonerated a lot of themes. Then I had to redo (not to "strengthend") the theme for make the words to enter to the list, and for strengthend words with 1 line (bar) strength (words like "woman" or "girls").

With the crown sistem (which not allow you to redo themes), this is not going to be posible.



Quote tusiperu: With the crown system (which not allow you to redo themes), this is not going to be possible.

Yes, you can not select single lessons, right.
Every lesson is now registered as a dynamically assigned "crown session" within a specific level.

Thankfully it was possible to use the old "lesson test-out" for my updated EN-PT tree in the beginning of June before this was replaced end of June with an "A/B skill crown level test-out" code which may not always reset the "missing_lessons" and "num_missing" (lexemes) variables in our extended user profiles anymore: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27496755$comment_id=27500912

So basically I could redo the missing lessons, which the tree update had reset.



V0.2 Raw install link: https://github.com/halfdan/duolingo-skill-strength/raw/master/skill-strength.user.js

If the Tampermonkey addon is installed it will auto-install this JS user script (it asks you before).


As the updated EN-PT A/B test has finished according to the announcement of Danmoller https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28034723 I can now see the newer and rearranged skills of my final Portuguese tree in my words list.

"Duolingo skill strength viewer" V0.2 works together with Tampermonkey V4.7.5788 and Firefox V52.9.0esr (32-bit).

I have worked pretty hard on the newer tree in June and re-tested out many skills.

87 of 91 skills are displayed. 4 are currently again missing.

I) Removed skill, reorganized?

II) Currently not displayed:

Will try to reactivate "Future Perfect" with a practice (re-strenghten) exercise.
Other three skills (hiding now) are new and were shown 10 months ago on the old tree!

But what about the missig skill "Verbs: Pluperfect"??

I completely re-learned it with timestamp 06/09/2018 (variable "learned_ts") and it has now 100% strength!

III) Displayed, but not 10 months ago:

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