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  5. Sie gibt daraufhin ihre Ausbiā€¦


Sie gibt daraufhin ihre Ausbildung wieder auf.

gibt auf means stopped education?

September 12, 2017



yes the contents is the same, but literally translated it means: she gives up = sie gibt auf


Ausbildung can be translated as apprenticeship. So she ended her contract to learn a trade.

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She then resumes her education. Of course I am interpreting this sentence totally out of any context.

Please correct me anyone!


"give up" is more or less the opposite of "resume" :)

(wieder) aufnehmen would work for the meaning of "resume" -- but not aufgeben.

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So what is the wieder here doing in the sentence*?


We haven't been given any context, but it's probably like the "again" in "And then she gave the book back again".

As in, she started her education, and then she stopped again.

Of course, it's possible that it's also used in the literal meaning, where she had dropped her education in the past already, and this time she's doing it again.

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