I think lingots should be able to buy you more things in the shop, for example, a different colour banner or different different accents for the audios. More personilization I think.

September 12, 2017


Thanks for sharing. Suggestions of this nature have been made lots of times before and still appear frequently on the forums. I don't think the Duolingo team takes particular notice or will respond to your suggestion specifically, so don't wait for that.

That said, I am sure they are working on new/better ideas and we can only hope for improvements in the future. Most of us who are here to learn languages are quite pleased with what is already offered (for the low price of free!).

The Lingot Store has been left practically unchanged for years. It's a timeless zone where things remain as they are, without any hope of being expanded. It stands as a monument to Duolingo's eternal glory and will not fall for a hundred years.

I like your suggestions, but the accents/ audios part sounds maybe too complicated to implement? Personalization is a great idea, it's nice to get more freedom. I think.

I agree, lingots are useless unless there are more things to be done with's time Duolingo did something. However, it's true that we can't complain too much coz lingots are free and coz they're just a little addition to language learning.

I've seen posts for changing stuff the in lingot store a lot, but the different accents and audio recordings would be difficult. In doing so on your request they would have to hire a lot more people that know that language. With that being said that could end this glorious website that is free.

I really like your picture! I love animals of all kinds! I totally agree with you about lingots. I really wish that they would bring back the tests that you could buy. It really helped me a lot

Thanks! I love all kinds of animals too! Especially otters :)

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