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  5. "Má kočka žere pomalu."

" kočka žere pomalu."

Translation:My cat eats slowly.

September 12, 2017



I learned 'moje' for my. Is 'má' more formal, as in 'Má vlast'?


Sorry for my lack of upside down hats, (my keyboard does not support them), but I suppose "koĉka" is the same as "koshka" : female cat. Is a male cat also the same : "kot" or how to write it in czech?


Male cat is KOCOUR. But in general KOČKA is used as a blanket expression for a cat.


Whats the difference between "jí" and "zere"?


we accept both in the reverse exercise. which is probably not to many people's liking. žere is to be used for animals, and is really coarse when used for people. is for people (jedí in plural), but many pet owners use it for their pets.


I think zere is for animals and ji is for humans.

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