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  5. "저는 공이 두 개 있어요."

"저는 공이 있어요."

Translation:I have two balls.

September 12, 2017



In korean language, to count objects or persons or animals, you have to add a counter, there are hundreds of counters, but generally.. The counter 개 is used for objects.. And 명 is used for people.. The structure is like this :exp:공 두 개 (Two balls) ->>the object+the number +the counter..


and are the most important. But if you forget how to use any of the other ones, the default counter is .

Another way to use counters besides having the counter last is this form:

두 개의 탑: two tabs


Thank you... I thought Duo was talking about a dog with two balls. That would have been weird.


What does 개 mean in this sentence?

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