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Finished my French tree

Finished my first tree finally. Setting myself a new goal of reaching level 25 and finishing my Spanish tree before switching languages to Spanish and doing my reverse and French trees. I feel my French is still pretty basic rather than the intermediary it is supposed to be and I know I need a lot more practice before I can speak without thinking. I am starting French classes again in September and looking for a conversation group in London.

To anyone who is just starting it feels great to complete this although it did get to be heavy going in the middle. It's well worth keeping going.

September 12, 2017



so what French course is it best to move onto when you finish the tree? I am getting closer and said to be 60% fluent in French which is nowhere near the case in reality....


Congrats! I am about to finish the tree too :)


Bravo! Good work! You should be very proud.


Congratulations! I finished my Spanish tree a while back and am now trying to learn French from Spanish - it's very interesting! (I had done some French from English before, so that helped). I also feel like I can't have real conversations yet but I enjoy learning new words!




:D Now; You will learn Spanish? And French and Spanish are similar?

Félicitations à vous


Yeah they've many cognates, more than english I think, and similar sentence structure.


J'ai compris. Thanks :))


Congrats! Im hoping to be done soon myself too. How long have you been studying french independently for and how effective do you find the reverse tree(ive only heard of it, soon to try it msyelf though)? Im trying to learn french on my own in my spare time also so i'm looking for interesting ways to fit it into my life wherever i can. Are you using any other interesting resources to supplement the classes/Duolingo? Oh btw, since when were conversation groups a thing in London? Ive never heard of the concept. All the best!


There are conversation groups, translation clubs, a few book clubs and classes all over the place in London in French and Spanish. They normally just meet in coffee shops or pubs. You can find them on Meetup. I am also using Babble and Memrise plus classes - when I have time! So only one language at a time.

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