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When will the web version of Japanese be ready?

3 months has passed and I have already finished all the lessons on Android, when will the web version ready? Without web version, I am forced to subscribe to another language before I can say anything on this board. Also, I would prefer using PC for the discussion on the questions when I revise my Japanese lessons.

September 12, 2017



Sometime this year, we don't know when exactly. But you can do a glitch to learn some Japanese on the web. 1. Open your app to Japanese. 2. The the web go to any other language. 3. Hit strengthen on your home page, and you should be practicing Japanese. Hope this works!


Thanks for the tip on accessing the web version of the Japanese course.


Anytime! I can't take all the credit, I learned that trick from a previous discussion.


Basically you open it on both your computer and your phone and switch your phone to Japanese and click strengthen on your computer.


Wow, this works! Thank you very much!!


This doesn't work for me... =(


Can you help me out with this? I'm doing it wrong somehow.


The year is almost over and we still haven't gotten Japanese for desktop. Very disappointing.


Finnish has been waiting for their tree for a couple decades :P.


Sometime this year? No one really seems to know...


The web version is available now. They are still working on it though as tips and notes are not available for every lessons yet.

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