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  5. "A bear is an animal."

"A bear is an animal."

Translation:Ein Bär ist ein Tier.

March 11, 2013



i dont understand, why i use Ein in the sentence, i use Einen because i think Bär Is an indefinite verb


Yes, I thought the same thing. Is it not Ein for Der nouns, Eine for Die nouns and Einen for Das nouns? Although my confusion relates to Tier rather than Bär.


Under the accusative case

"den"----"einen" "das"----"ein" "die"----" eine"

In the sentence "Die Bär ist ein Tier" the singular, neuter conjugation of the indefinite article is ein, in the accusative case

Tier is a neutral noun which is evident by its definite article "das", so using the examples above

"das Tier"----" ein Tier" in the accusative case


As @christian says, have a look at the chart, but the case in this sentence is nominative, not accusative as @glasskey suggests.


I'm confused, not about the 'Tier' part but the 'Ein Bär'.

Bär is masculine and is the subject (not the object) of the sentence, so the article for Bär should be masculine/normative, as in 'Einen Bär', I thought. Not 'Ein Bär - which, to my understanding is the Neuter article..

Why is this wrong?


Ein is used for both neuter and masculine. Einen is only used for the accusative.


Ein is used for both neuter and masculine in nominative. Einen is only used for the masculine accusative.


I could be wrong but I think it WOULD be einen after an action verb (I see a bear) because it would be a direct object. Here Tier is after the verb "to be" which makes it a predicate nominative so you don't have to do the declination....


Is there a shorcut/easy way to remember what is ein, what is einen, and what is eine? I know eine is feminine, ein is masc. but it seems to stump me a lot:/


What is umlauts?


The dots above o, u etc. They change sounds and sometimes more


So, if Tier is a neute noun, can somebody please clarify why "ein" is used in place of "einen," and specify when exactly "einen" should be used? Is this only in certain types of sentences, or in conjunction with a specific class noun or adverb?

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