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My favourite German grammar book.

There are often posts by people asking which book is best for learning German grammar. I've read many and found that by far the best (for me) is Lisa Kahlen's 'German Grammar Made Easy'. It's extremely well written, explains concepts clearly and is well ordered.


It originally came with a cd-rom with excellent grammar exercises to practice what you've learned. I believe the new version has exercises online.

September 12, 2017



Looks excellent. Thanks for sharing. Have a lingot.


Thank you. I've been looking for a book but there are so many. This one looks really easy to follow.


Thanks. Danke

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Couldn't get it in the USA even though I am an Amazon Prime member. But it looks good and I got a free sample in my Kindle. But it is expensive.


I got a 2nd hand copy in good condition for around £6.


The usa amazon has the first edition for cheap, don't know how it compares to the second edition.


It's the 1st edition I use.

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YoungSpice, Danke; ich baue eine ganze Bibliothek deutscher Grammatik Bücher.


More than a year ago I came across (on line) a German book store in London that ships to the US. I bought a couple of German Music CDs from them. That sounds like it would be a good potential source if I could just locate it again. If anyone can identify it, please speak up!


Thanks very much. Have a lingot.

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