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  5. "Nebylas poslední."

"Nebylas poslední."

Translation:You weren't the last.

September 12, 2017



Why is "the" needed here. Ja by jsem to prelozil takhle "You weren't last."


"já bych" - by jsem does not exist in Czech.

English requires definite article for superlatives, which "the last" is. There is only one, unique last. Otherwise it is not the last.


The definite article in this particle case is most certainly optional. "The" may be hypercorrect, but it is not necessary. In fact, to be hypercorrect I might be inclined to add "one" at the end as well.


not necessarily (regarding the english) You were last is common phrasing as well


A case can easily be made for leaving out "the." Let's say you were in a race and everyone else finished before you. If you were describing the result, you might more likely say "I was last!" than "I was THE last." If you wanted to expand your comment, you might say either "I was THE last person to cross the finish line" or "I was last to cross the finish line." There are probably other examples, but this one jumped out first.

There is, however, nothing wrong with "You weren't THE last." It's just a different usage. Example: "You weren't THE last to waste a lot of money trying to win the lottery!"

But I don't know whether the Czech sentence can accommodate both usages.


It can accomodate both. I added "You were not last.".


Very interesting, I run into the same thing in Duolingo Korean. However, it doesn't work in English, at least not the way it supposedly does in Korean. You can be one of the last, or even one of the very last. I wouldn't even hesitate until I got to the lastmost, doubly superlative, and that's not even turning up in the dictionary except as https://www.lexico.com/definition/-most . . .


I agree with mr bass that there is no need for 'the' hear. Certainly i can find no credible source in UK english to support Kacenka's statement. In this context 'the' sounds strange to my english ears.


Boneheadbasss above gives a excellent explanation of the sentence with and without THE. Both are correct in the proper context.

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