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  5. "Chodíš sem často?"

"Chodíš sem často?"

Translation:Do you come here often?

September 12, 2017



Do you often come here

Should also be valid.


Seems like it should be, unless DL is only going for the good old (US?) English bar pickup line. :-) If you see it again, you could report it as "My answer should be accepted."


Do you walk here often - should be accepted, right?


Is chodit a synonym for přicházet?


So, “chodit” means both go/walk and come? This confuses me as in Polish, “chodzić” only means go and walk, but it would never include the finalised version of the action of walking, comparable to (to) arrive; perhaps in the perfective sense, but then, I haven't heard of that yet. But so far, I was confused by the actual translation of the sentence.


chodit normally does not mean "to come". I think it is actually English what complicates the stuff here, not Czech. Chodit just means repeated going or walking somewhere. Jak často tam chodíš?

When we have "here", English likes to use "come" and not "go". This issue does not concern Czech at all.


Can't you say "Chodzisz tutaj często?" with the same meaning in Polish?


Yes, you can. Or even better "Czy często tu przychodzisz?"


In my head, I'm using the verb "frequent" as my way of understanding chodit. It's a bit outdated, but helps me understand. "Do you frequent (this place) often?" It's not a perfect translation, but I'm hoping I have the right idea with it!


Yes, it has the same meaning. Feel free to report it.

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