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"Îmi este greu opresc această mașină."

Translation:It is hard for me to stop this machine.

September 12, 2017



For me it is hard to stop this machine was marked wrong ?reason


For me it looks like you're stating an opinion.


Are car and machine really the same word with just context to tell the difference??? Hope I'm missing something obvious.


Italian does the same thing with the word "macchina".

English does that with numerous nouns and verbs. To stay in the realm of vehicles, a tank can be a container for a liquid, or an armoured vehicle.


Thanks Louis. Yes, I believe the English term is that it's a homonym. As it happens in the case of the armoured vehicle the name results from the need for secrecy and using the container for liquid meaning as a "cover" for a large metal "thing". (Useless information of the day!)


It is hard to stop this machine for me should be correct, don't you think?

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