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  5. "He is eating bread."

"He is eating bread."

Translation:Il mange du pain.

September 12, 2017



How do you pronounce 'pain'? Isn't it when a & i are combined, it will sound like 'e'? But why does it sound like 'pa'?


The "in" is a nasal sound and be hard to hear, so the "pa" and "in" are pronounced independent of each other, but the "in" is a nasal sound, so if you aren't used to hearing those ending nasal sounds in French yet it might be hard to hear.


Why is this not translated as "He is eating SOME bread"?


The partitive article "du" indicates an undetermined amount. Some people translate it as "some" but it is completely unnecessary in English to transfer the meaning. Since "some" has other meanings, it may introduce a level of ambiguity that is not in the original. https://www.thoughtco.com/du-de-la-des-1368977

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