"Františku, ty nejsi ženatý?"

Translation:František, you are not married?

September 12, 2017

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I don't understand it. Why is in question "YOU ARE not married?" instead of "ARE YOU not married?" ?


I think in that case the original sentence would be 'Františku, nejsi ty ženatý?'


the word order in the English translation is not natural especially after addressing Frantisek by name - we would invert and put "are you"when it is a question.


František is not English!!!


A Czech name is not supposed to be English. Names are not supposed to be translated. We would not start to call you Markéto in Czech, you would still be Margaret.


"František, are you married?" Is a correct translation in both meaning and context. Yet, it is marked as incorrect. Fail. FYI, I had a native Czech listen to the dubbed sentence readings and she had a hard time understanding what s/he was saying. Quote: "why is this person mumbling? It's hard to understand". Just a heads up so that this can be improved. The app also needs to rotate with my device.


I am native AmE. The Czech sentence does not ask František if he is married. It is a declarative question that asks him to confirm or deny that he is not married. As to the app rotating with your device, you might want to make that point in the Troubleshooting or General forum, since it's a Duo system issue, not a Czech course issue.

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