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  5. "Ihr esst Suppe."

"Ihr esst Suppe."

Translation:You are eating soup.

March 11, 2013



To me, "Ihr esst" sounds like "Er isst". How can I tell the difference when speaking?


In case of "Ihr esst" the verb "esst" starts with an "a" as in "ate" or an "e" as in "end" when she pronounces it. In case of "Er isst" it is a clear "i" as in "in". You have to listen to how she pronounces the verb and then decide the subject.


This is my problem. My ear isn't trained well enough yet to know for sure what she's saying! Any suggestions?


Its not your ear thats the problem, is her voice. They should see to get the voices done naturally like a human being rather than a bloody robot.


"Hear, Hear", if you get my drift!!!


Same problem here. I knew I had to choose between the two of them and I chose the wrong answer. Can anybody tell us the difference in pronunciation??


If instead of ihr, I would have used "du", what should have substituted esst? Also when are du and ihr used?


Ihr is used when addressing somebody formally (guests, customers, clients). Du is used to address informally (familiar people, friends, kids)


No, "du" is used when addressing one person informally, "ihr" is used when addressing several people informally, "Sie" is used when addressing one person or several people formally.


How do you tell is "Ihr" is going to be you, her, or it?


ihr is "you guys" or "y'all it doesn't matter you, her, or it. The esst would be esse if it was referring to a singular he, she, it.


Why is you all eat soup in correct, isn't ihr you plural?


I think it should be accepted, but maybe they forgot to add "you all" to acceptable answers.


yes ihr is you I got it wrong saying something else (I can't remember) and I got it wrong and saw that it said "you" so I was like ok now I know


Should it not drinking soup


No. If you use a spoon, then you "eat" the soup. If you're drinking the soup, then it's in a cup and no utensils are involved.


The way she said it sounded like she said soupe when it was Suppe luckly they wrote it of as a typo


Could you explain what you mean? I don't think German uses the diphthong "ou"; is it possible that you were using English spelling by accident?


no I literally said soupe just like she said it and they said it was a typo so I slipped by clean


(The way she said it it was zoupe but in german s sounds like z


You are right about s being pronounced like z (unless in front of t, p, ch). The clip sounds fine to me though, maybe you could compare it to other examples of Suppe https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Suppe

Have you come across any German words using "ou"? I still don't think it's used in German spelling.


What is the diferent Ihr and du ?


Du is you singular. Ihr is you plural like you guys or yall.


Hello, IHR is not used for second person for plural ?


Ihr is used for second person plural.


BTW, can anyone explain me one thing, why does the auto translation show, "to eat soup", like Bengali language? I am sure, I will not be able to eat soup. Please could someone explain this irrelevant logic!!


You don't drink with a spoon. You eat with a spoon.


It's too hard to hear the difference between, "Ihr esst Suppe and Er isst Suppe". The bot voice does not do a good job of distinguishing the difference between the sounds.


I think "you eat Suppe" and "you are eating Suppe" are true for this sentence. Isn't it?


Please someone tell me what is the difference between "ihr isst" and "ihr esst".


Ihr in the start of lesson help goes with isst but in lessons esst


Whay it is (you are eating soup) insted of they are eating (Ihr esst) i thougt it is ploural not only you


Nein. "Du" is singular and "ihr" is plural. Meaning when you use "du" you are just talking to one person, but when you say "ihr" you are addressing two or more people.


Why do we eat soup rather than drink?


I don't know about English but in German if you're using a spoon you're eating soup. You can also drink it directly from a cup or a bowl though.


Only upon intense scrutiny can I hear "suppe" in the male audio. It sounds almost indistinguishable to "zucker" to me.


"Suppe" sure sounds like "Zucker" - no matter how many times I listen to it.


I heard, Ihr esst zucker. :-(

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