"Neznají jména svých rodičů."

Translation:They do not know the names of their parents.

September 12, 2017

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My proposed translation was 'they don't know their parents' names.' The answer key marked this correct but said I had a typo, and should have typed 'they don't know their parents names,' without the apostrophe. This is incorrect English. Parents' is correct


Why is 'they don't know their families' names' wrong?


"a family" is not the same thing as "a parent"


You Mist be really tired of all these (sometimes silly) questions. Děkuji moc.


Don't or do not - complitely the same, should be accepted as correct answer


If you want to ask why some answer of yours was not accepted, you have to report the complete sentence. Use the "My answer should have been accepted" flag to report missing translations.

Be aware that contractions are handles by the Duolingo software automatically.

Edit: You did make a report. It says: "The don't" instead of "They don't". That cannot be accepted.


After almost 100 day streak I still don't comprehend when it is reflexive and when it's not...


What "it" should be reflexive or not?

Various verbs are either reflexive or not. Some come in both variants and often with somewhat different meaning. There is no other way than learning one by one.

neznají něco - they do not know something
neznají se - they do not know each other
neznám se s někým - we do not know each other (with someone)
neznám se - I am very angry

Good dictionaries will list the various options. It is possible that you might need a Czech-only dictionary for that, though.

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