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Streak Break Solution, an Alternative to Payment

It's kind of strange that Duolingo only offers monetary payment options for when you miss a day on your streak. Someone with loads of money can easily rig the system...pump up their stats.

Why not also add an option for streak break challenges? For example, a user misses a day, then DuoLingo offers a challenge, e.g., "obtain 100XP in the next 24 hours to maintain your streak/status."

This way for those who do stumble every so often, it gives them a chance to rebound. These sorts of rebounds may even strengthen or encourage the learning process.

I'd be willing to pay a monthly service to have this sort of feature, even with ads included.

September 12, 2017



I don't think paying for a streak to be restored (or using a streak freeze, paid for in lingots) actually extends it, just restores it. So you still have to do the actual work yourself.


annika_a is correct. It doesn't add a day, it simply freezes the streak on the day before you lost it. To get any days added to a streak, a person actually has to meet their goal for each of those days.


Why would anyone pay money to inflate their daily streak!?


People are desperate to keep their streaks. You and I may not be affected by losing our streaks, but other people are. It shows how long they have been working on their language(s) and it is an achievement.


I understand that, I was reacting to this:

Someone with loads of money can easily rig the system...pump up their stats.

The OP seems to think that people might spend a lot of money to "cheat" to get a very large streak.


I get that, but it stops being an achievement the moment it does not represent "the number of days with continous studying".


Sounds okay, however 100 is way too low. I'd say around 1000.


That is a crazy penalty and would require 100 lessons or revisions in 24 hours and that could put a lot of people off.


On a good day I do up to 500 exp. I figured if I were to lose my streak, I should work really hard to get it back.


I would like to see a streak restored for the small price of 1000 lingots, that seems fair to me


And if you don't have 1k? How about half of what you do have at the time.?


The paying for the streak restore idea was generated by users, not by staff. Eventually, Duolingo's monitization team accepted the suggestion. Because Duolingo did so in order to help it pay the bills.

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