Ther are just stories in spanish and portugeus. Why not in french or German? Why not any other language? Please could you also put some stories in other language. Could please someone tell me about it?

September 12, 2017

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Thanks a lot for the information. :)

Stories are a very new feature, actually they're not even official yet. That's why they're tested with a strictly limited number of languages, and from English only, to see how people respond to them. Perhaps will they be expanded to other courses, but for now, we just have to be patient.

On a side note, no team member reads the fora (or should they, it would be out of personal interest). Chances are slim one stumble on your discussion and take it into account. It's here a place for users and by users.

Happy learning :)

Thanks a lot for the information :)

Always a pleasure, Emerald. By the way : bon courage dans ton apprentissage du français :) Never hesitate to ask anything if needed (French girl here ;p)

You're french is pretty good :) are you french or did you learn it from doulingo?

No, I'm actually French, here to learn (relearn should I say) German. Best decision I've made in years! I'm not able yet to speak as well as I do English (more years of practicing than I want to admit), but I do finally understand this beautiful language, as it was one of my biggest regrets. And I enjoy myself doing so :)

Wow so you can speak french, german and english. Pretty good :). I am German, so I can speak german. I can also speak english and a little french. It is one of my dreams to learn french. So I hope I will learn it quickly :).

Never give up, Emerald, you can master my beautiful twisted mother tongue ;D Pity we can't communicate directly as we used to, I've made good friends on Duo, especially German ones, who mightily helped me progress. Would you friend me ? If one day the social feature come back, we'll be able to chat, each in and about the other's language, which is the best way once Duo has given us the ground notions.

Plus, don't be impressed: I love language in itself very much, as I said I've had many years to polish my English, and spent absolute hours on Duo catching up on what I couldn't previously understand about German. I've lost a bit during summer, because of a crazy schedule, but I'm looking forward to practise again. So next time if you will, I'll try to speak German with you :)

Super, so you learned german on duolingo? I think your english is pretty good :) How old are you? Did duolingo realy have a chat room? I did not know about it. I realy think french is beautiful. I can read and write french (not perfectly, a little bit) ,but can't speak well. Do you like duolingo, did it help you? I learned some new words.

The tinicards are my favourite. I have already done 122 cards. Did you also try them?

Hello Emerald, it will be English again, as it's easier for me, and I've had a bad day (nothing too serious, don't worry). Yeah, my teachers did a pretty good job teaching me English. Then the BBC, my beloved books and a serious amount of passion did the rest.

I'm kind of an old lady, well over forty (my birthday was actually a few days ago…) so as I said, I had time ;) I also studied German for a few years, but couldn't take much out of it. I was never able to communicate properly, or even comprehend how the language work. Yet I've always regreted it, and promised myself that someday, I would start anew. Duo was the place for me. Six months (pretty intensive, though) made all the difference in the world. Almost one year on, I'm still far for fluent, but I now enjoy learning and using German. I can finally say I love it!

I haven't tried Tinycards yet, as they came around about the time I became crazy busy. But I think it's a great addition to the main site, and can see myself creating decks for what I have difficulties with.

It was not so much a chat room as personal pages (where our profile remain) where we could post messages to one another, which appeared on both the sender and recipient pages, so we could have really interesting conversations. My german friends practiced their French, I practiced my German, I also used to talk to various people from around the world, it was great. Quite a shock when it was withdrawn without proper warning… Not so long ago if I think about it: it was only last spring. I still somehow hope it will come back in one form or the other, as our beloved leader, dr Von Ahn, promised.

Anyway, I will always be grateful toward Duolingo, for what the method and the good people here have done for me.

I do love my native French: tricky, sometime irrational, but so rich in history and potential. Then again, I'm more and more certain every language has something to teach about the world and ourselves.

The hardest part has to be speaking: thinking quick enough, putting the sentences together, voicing strange sounds right… It's even sort of scary. But the only way is forward: I've lost so much time thinking I had to be perfect to be understood. I was actually surprised when a few grammar mistakes only made people gently help me do better! So, take any occasion to talk, as little or as much as you can. Talk to yourself if there's nobody available: I've done and still do it :)

Perhaps you could try to learn a french song or two? Would you like any advice?

Anyway, I wish you the best. Je te souhaite le meilleur :)

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