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Dialect of Korean used in the Korean course?

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but there is no Korean language on PC yet and the app doesn't allow comments or discussion. Does anyone know what dialect of Korean is used in the Korean course on the Duolingo app? Many of the sounds are much different than what I've learned on Youtube and from other places. for example the 응 vowel has a Spanish I sound and I learned that it was pronounced kind of like "eew". Is there a problem with the audio or is this simply a dialect with different pronunciations? And if so, could someone comment with a pronunciation guide for that dialect? Thanks! Can't wait for this course to come out on PC so that I can just comment there.

September 12, 2017



You can still post to the Korean for English speakers forum on the PC. Just edit your forum list and subscribe to Korean. You coule even move this post to the Korean forum.


Just saw it, thanks, I subscribed.


It's probably a bad audio recording. The right sound wasn't recorded correctly. The dialect is that from Seoul.


Southern dialect, not many westerners study Northern dialect

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