September 12, 2017



도로 is another word for road.


I think 길 is more like "way". Containing highways, avanues, roads, and even small paths in forest or mountain.

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    How to differentiate between "R" ㄹ and "L" ㄹ ? Please tell me. Is this 길 gil or gir ?


    I think most of the time, when it is at the end of the word it is /l/ but when not, it is /r/. I learned from my mistake of saying "leur" for the direct object marker 를. You know, I've been into French way longer before I've even started Korean, they also have a word "leur" but means a whole lot different. Never again will I say "leur" for that.

    TL;DR : Read the first sentence


    If ㄹ is a pat'chim(3rd letter of the block) it is pronounced as "L" otherwise it is pronounced as "R" - I wish I could provide examples for pat'chim shift and whatnot but I can't think or find any as I'm still learning as well. I learned the basics from another app Hangul if that helps.


    道路(도로) is sino korean, meaning road,


    In fact, 도로 is more accurate as a word for road. 길 is used for more narrow streets/paths compared to 도로 for the larger paths that you'd call "roads".


    How is this pronounced? I can't seem to make the audio make sense with the characters... The audio im hearing sounds like 'chay' or maybe even 'cheel' but shouldnt the first character be a k or g sound?


    Korean alphabet don't have the exact same sound as English. In this case, ㄱ if in front is pronounced somewhere between g-k, if in the middle (syllable) it's more like g, and in the end it will be k.


    I understand that... Im wondering why it sounds like a ch or j sound... Am i hearing it wrong?


    I dont hear it, it sounds like g/k to me, maybe it's your audio?


    The pronunciations here often don't seem to sound correct based on the letters. Frequently I go to the Forvo website to listen and it is what I thought it should be. Check it out!

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      it's something along "gil/kil", with a sharp "eye" sound


      I read somewhere that "ㄱ" is always voiceless, so it always takes something more like a "k-esh" sound unless it is preceded by a voiced sound (i.e. M,N, R,L or a vowel of course since vowels are always voiced), it that case it becomes voiced too and takes something like a "g-esh" sound to it. Since the ㄱ here is at the beginning of a word, you can safely go with a "k" when it comes to pronunciation.


      Sounds like yanny to me


      The ㄱ is only ever pronounced as nore of a k sound when it is in 받침. It would be incorrect pronunciation to have it as more of a k in the beginning. In the first position, the sound is more g than k. For example the word: 국 meaning soup. Although romanization isn't perfect, it would be romanized as guk because of 받침/ final consonant position. Another example of this is how ㅅ is ㄷ in the final consonant spot and ㅇ is ng.


      The ㄱ can sound closer to a "k" sound when it's the first word of a sentence. People often put more emphasis.

      And a true hard k sound for ㄱ in the 받침 isn't right. The sound is more cut in the throat.


      Ok so in Korean kill means road, that makes me think maybe it's better not to drive in Korea? ^^


      My way of remembering this one will be to think of roadkill.


      That's actually... surprisingly helpful! Thanks haha


      It must be pronounce like "gil". But I heard "ge"


      Me too, it is getting confusing


      This! I also heard it more like 'gae' as dog instead of 'gil' for road.


      I know this because BTS have a song titled as "Road/Path"


      jajajaja I also know many words by K-pop


      I heard the audio like : "ke" instead of "kil". ¿Am i reading it wrong?


      이 in korean is romanized as "i" but sounds like "e"

      So the word is written as 길, romanized as gil, pronounced kinda like "ke-"

      Thats how i say it anyway. Feel free to correct lol


      as a cyclist, this translation seems appropriate.


      Is there a difference between "Road" and "Path" as a translation for 길?


      It's closer to meaning "street" than "road". In Korea, 길 is used for the more narrow paths. If you find a wider "road", they'll usually usually call it 도로.


      We should've learned some grammer(like a simple explanation, anything!) and meaning of 매력, 재미, 인기가 and etc. Good enough, then we would be ready for the sentences We just Jumped from 오, 쌔, 톤, and some pronunciations to frightening sentences... Without even knowing which word is the verb!


      There is one more word for road... 차도.


      The correct answer should not have been capitalized. Gives away which one is right without having to know.


      How is this pronounced??? Please please someone tell me i am confused


      How is this pronounced? someone tell me please I'm confused???????


      Is this is gal or gak ???



      길 is "gil"

      "gal" is 갈. "gak" could be 각 or 갘 (although I don't think the latter is a word).


      How should i save a word to see it next time !!!


      The gif looks like seokjin legend pose


      Ok, now that I can say 'Country' in Korean, what is the word for 'Roads'


      길 means path/street/(small) road

      도로/로 means (larger) road

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