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Copyright in immersion

Is there somwhere someone has to sign or something to allow an article to be uploaded in immersion?

I'm asking because I found a fragment of an article in immersion, and the source said it was copyrighted https://www.duolingo.com/translation/378f5a047c27a7c1ef8a87393c53f1b7

April 1, 2014



Hi there! If you upload the article it either has to be creative commons or something you have the copyright to :)


I didn't upload it, and it seems like the person that did didn't have it either.

My concern with this article in particular is also that it's just a fragment of the actual article, and I'm wondering if that is viewed as acceptable.


Maybe you should 'Report article' if you have concerns about it? (Right side of the page under 'Document Information')


thank you, I haven't seen that link before :)

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