"Kam vede ta ulice?"

Translation:Where does that street lead?

September 12, 2017

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Why isn't road accepted as a translation for ulice?


Road is usually "cesta, silnice".


I don't think I make a meaningful distinction between street and road in my dialect of English. What distinction is being made between those Czech words?


I had the same question. I asked someone, who is a native speaker of Russian, about it, and he surmised that "silnice" (road) refers to the paved portion of a street, while "ulice" references the whole environment of a street, i.e., the paved part along with the buildings, houses, etc. Then we asked a native Czech speaker about it, and she supported this interpretation. But maybe she was just being nice... :-)


"Ulice" is located in a built-up environment.

"Silnice" is a 'paved road.' It mostly refers to roads between cities/villages etc.

'Paved portion of a street' is either "vozovka" ('road(way)/carriageway') or "chodník" ('pavement/sidewalk').


This is VERY helpful! Now... where does "dálnice" fit in?


"Dálnice" is a shortening of dálková silnice ('long-distance road') and it is the word used for grade-separated, dual carriageway roads = controlled-access highways = motorways (UK) = freeways (US). They are for the most part tolled.


Could you also say "Where (does it) lead TO"?


In English, I would say: Where does that street go? I hear 'lead' less commonly.


And it is accepted. However, "to lead" has the important benefit of being the close counterpart of "vést" in other meanings as well (to lead someone - vést někoho, a leader - vedoucí, vůdce).


Ohhhhhhh. That makes sense!

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