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  5. "Jak to jde?"

"Jak to jde?"

Translation:How is it going?

September 12, 2017



Is it possible to use this phrase to ask how a specific thing is going? For example somebody just started a new study and you want to ask how that's working out for them. In English, I would feel comfortable asking 'And how's that going?'. This translation is not accepted here, but I wonder if in Czech you could use the phrase 'Jak to jde?' or 'Jak to de?'


Yes, it can refer to a specific thing. Jak ta práce jde? How is the work going?


I have the same question. Because I would otherwise say, How are you?


You can say "How are you?" but "How is it going?" is very similar and also possible.


"Jde" is the same as "jede" ?


no, jde is 3rd person singular from jít (to go on foot) and jede is 3rd person singular from jet (to go by vehicle)


Oh that’s true, it is written in the lesson ^^ Thanks !


Has the phrase "Jak se mas/mate?" gone out of use? Replaced by this? Or are both in common usage?


There are many phrases being used at the same time in various languages.


My father, the youngest of 7 children, was the only one born in the US. The other siblings and parents were born in Moravia. This predates Czechoslovakia. I remember my father saying something that my ears took as "Yak shemash". He has passed on and I eventually realized that he was saying Jak se máš?


I would use 'how are you' rather than how's it going, is that a wrong translation. Can you use jak jsi


Is it possible to get new speakers who know how to annunciate the words. It certainly did not sound like Jak.


There are no speakers, it's a computer-generated voice, just like in every other language course. Computers are still evolving, they're far from perfect.


"Jak to jde?" Could it also stand for "How does it work?" Like, playing an instrument or specific task? Thx



"How does it work?" is "Jak to funguje?" or "Jak se to dělá?" depending on the exact context.


What about how is it? Because for me how is it going somehow doesn't feel as someshing you would say in english. As an alternative for how are you, because jak to jde does not exactly mean that, it could mean that but it could also be like i'm implying, how is it with... ( something that's not written here, like how is it at home with you).


"How's it going?" is said quite commonly in (US) English.

On the other hand, "how is it?" is more akin to "what is it like?", e.g. "How is the sandwich you're eating?" and that's not how "Jak to jde?" is used.

"Jak to jde?" is a colloquial way of saying "How are things (with you, your life, etc.)?" or "How are you faring at the thing that you're currently doing?" -- both of these are well expressed by "How is it going?"

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