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What's your favorite "Word" in the language you're learning?

This discussion is simple, just like the title says...

Tell me your favorite word in the language you're learning! Also, tell me in great detail why it is your favorite word? Is it a word you use often while speaking?

Thank you for joining. I hope we'll all have fun writing down our favorite words!!!

September 12, 2017



Carevasăzică (a Romanian word) which actually means "allegedly" when translated into English, which might possibly be one of my favorite words, but I'm not learning Romanian currently.

Lagom, which is from Swedish, is probably my favorite word in Swedish, and doesn't have a direct English equivalent. The closest translation would probably be something along the lines of "not too little, not too much, just right". Other words in Swedish that I like as well would include: resfeber (Swedish for a longing to travel; a desire to experience new things) and also mångata (the glimmering reflection that the moon creates on water). I love how each language has its own words that grab your attention, and for me, Swedish has a handful of these sort of words.


Hmm..... well, I know I like the word Marquis in French. I liked it so much in fact, (I also like Lafayette?) I named my Betta fish Le Marquis de Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch Gilbert du Montier Lafayette even if the word order is a bit wrong, that's his name! Also I like Korean words like 찌찌뽕! (it kind of means Jinx!) pronounced "jjeejjeepong" with emphasis on the "j" sounds. Also like 맥주병, a term used for people who float really well in the water, (does not mean fat) so you can't really swim... It literally means beer bottle! I like Eier in German (Eggs), because it's pronounced just like how you say "Ouch!" in Korean (아야!), and it struck me as sort of funny. Also I really like eating eggs...

I like plain English words that are fun to use as well, such as cattywampus. I like some slangs or improper words like wangst, yaasssssssss (when I agree totally and decide not to spell right), dude, broad (rarely), and yo.

Sayings I like to say are, "This is SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" I have no idea exactly how that got started. But I will say it when I was describing something and decided the situation needed a "This is Sparta". I would use it like so: "So you know, all the kids were sorta mobbing our front lawn so Tim and I were like This is SPARTAAAAAA...."

Also I like, "Da heck man?" Used when confused. Really confused.

"I'm so stupid." I don't like saying it but I used it so much it pops out whenever I make a mistake. Everyone tells me to stop saying it. I'm trying ☺

Of course, there's way more, but thanks for this discussion! Happy learning!


barátságosságban, since it's a great example of Hungarian agglutination run amok. You start with barát "friend"; then, you add -ság, which makes it into an abstract noun: barátság "friendship". Then add -os to make it an adjective: barátságos "friendly". Add another -ság to reabstract it and you've got barátságosság "friendliness". Finally, might as well slap a case ending on (here I used -ban, which marks the inessive case) and you've got barátságosságban "in friendliness".


難しい (Muzukashii). Japanese word that means difficult or hard. It's really satisfying to read out loud for some reason and the length of the word, as well as the appearance of the character 難, fit the difficulty theme it has. The word is also very handy when making sentences describing one's learning like "I think kanji are difficult." or something like that.


-In Portuguese: "pegar", because ""em fa gràcia" (Catalan) than when you say: "eu vou pegar um táxi" you are not going to HIT a taxi (pegar in Spanish is "to HIT"), you're only going to catch it :D

-In English: "to procrastinate" because it's human to do so, and maybe it's good to be lazy from time to time.

-In Catalan, words like: pa, mà, sa (pan, mano, sano in Spanish) because I am in awe of how short some common words can be.

-In Italiano: "Ciao" because with the same word you can say "hello" and "good bye"

-In Esperanto: malsunalejo = "hospital", because I find it cool, how you can build different concepts with the Esperanto affixes.

-In German: "Schmetterling", which means "butterfly". Well, probably not my favourite word in German, but it's the word that has come to my mind because I very much like children's stories "auf Deutsch".

-In French: "Paris" because I'd love to visit the capital of "La France", and I like how the word sounds.

-And in my native language, Spanish: "pasión" = "passion", because I like how it sounds, and "siento auténtica PASION por aprender lenguajes" (I feel real PASSION for learning languages)


My all time favorite word is "Lalele" which means, in Romanian, tulips. The reason I love this word is because I feel as if it rolls off the tongue very easily and it sounds like your singing a song, lol. Another favorite of mine is "Acolo" which is also a Romanian word that literally means, over there.

I also like the word "Panini" which means, in Italian, sandwiches.

My favorite English word is "stupendous", don't ask me why... I just say this word a lot. XD

Thanks for this awesome discussion I had fun!


Well, "espíritu (spirit in Spanish)" is a favorite of mine. My dog's name is Spirit, and sometimes I'll call her Espíritu just for the sake of it—believe it or not she responds very well to it! There are more, of course, but that's the one that popped into my head the moment I read your Discussion.

[deactivated user]

    Jesu in spanish is my favorite word. Translation: Jesus. P.S i am catholic


    Is it Jesu? I thought it was Jesús.


    Actually, is "Jesús". Pronounced "he-SOOS".


    Kira-kira, きらきら. It means more than just glittering, sparkling, shimmering, dazzling, etc. :)

    I also like Jayus, which is Indonesian. It's when a joke is so stupid and idiotic and unfunny, but even so, you just have to laugh.

    And I like gioielleria, which is Italian for jewelry, because it's so twisted and difficult.


    Sacapuntas is spanish for Pencil Sharpener

    [deactivated user]

      Well guess I'm gonna have to be the immature one. I really like Bonheur which means happiness in French. I mean it literally sounds like ❤❤❤❤❤ and means happiness, how could I not love it?


      the Russian кот, it means cat and the Spanish gato, also means cat ^^


      Tartaruga, meaning turtle, in Italian. I just love the way it sounds.


      I've found "tartaruga" many times in Portuguese Duolingo lessons. I also love how it sounds!!


      In Kiswahili I love the word Konokono. It means Snail :)


      Not sure about favorite, and ask me in an hour and they'll probably change, but...

      Spanish: Reloj (clock) and Feas (ugly), because they're fun to say.

      Runners up included Desayuno, because now that I finally have it memorized as "breakfast", I can't unsee a giant plate of sunny-side-up eggs, and Calcetines (socks), largely because it's now permanently lodged in my memory paired with "little pink sock" ala the Mutts comic strip. Thanks brain.

      Russian: хлеб (bread). Every time it pops up I want to laugh since it sounds like someone sticking their tongue out.


      "reloj" would be the typical word a native English speaker would find difficult. Another similar words regarding pronunciation are: jarrón, jarra, rojo, boj, carcaj


      Ah yes, the 'r' and 'rr' words. Nowhere near able to pronounce them correctly, but they sound so neat...


      Also the Spanish "j" sound is difficult, as it's much stronger that the English sound of "h".


      I have a list of Norwegian words, but one of my favourites is tiljengelig. I'm not really sure why, it's just satisfying.


      Norwegian-> kjærlighet -> "love" (noun)

      Russian-> сказать (skazat') -> "to say"

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