"I am not interested in other men."

Translation:O další muže se nezajímám.

September 12, 2017

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Why is "Se nezajímám o dalši muže" not acceptable here?


"se" always needs to be in the second position of the sentence / structure it is in


It could also be "Já se nezajímám o další muže", the letter sounds strange if it starts with "se". But you can actually use your version but it would sound very informal almost rude. It sounds like something rude child would say to his parrent. Also "se" can be in first position in imperativ sentences like: "Se nezblázni" (Dont get mad), "Se neposer" (Dont poop your pants) but you can clearly see that it is most used in this impolite way.


Velice vulgární slovo jste použil ve svém článku. Slušní lidé tak nemluví.


We would normally delete comments with such words. I would argue that it was used as a reasonable example here and therefore might not be "Excessively profane" (as mentioned by the rules https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines), but I will recommend that this word be added into the list of the automatically censored ones.


Is ne mám zajem o dalši muže acceptable? I have often heard and used this form to mean 'I am interested/not interested in s/thing/one


Yes, it is accepted, but the correct way to write it is: "Nemám zájem o další muže.". Personally, I would prefer to use "jiné" here, for me "další" is closer to "additional" here.


thanks for clarifying. I've spoken (very bad!) Czech for years and 'jiné' seems more natural to me than 'další' for others. I don't have a strong sense of the difference in this case but I definitely take your word for it!


Actually, I think both are equally fine here, they just have a slightly different flavour.


i answered “mě další muži nezajímám” and they conjugated it to “nezajímají” (they are not interested.) why would that be?


Because the subject of your sentence is "muži", not "mě" (mě is object), so you have to conjugate the verb "nezajímat" according to the subject "muži". If you said "Já se o další muže nezajímám.", the subject would be "já".


Does the sentence survive without the "se"?


The verb in this sentence is reflexive; se is part of the verb. You might think of it as "to interest oneself." The verb without se has the meaning "to interest."


I am understand why se is required here. Zajimam already means I am interested..


See BHB's answer to Martin659218.


Wouldn't it be dalšího instead of další?


Dalšího is singular, while "men" is plural. You can see the full declension table at this handy site: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dal%C5%A1%C3%AD.


How is se in the second position here?


Second should not be taken literally. It does not necessarily mean 'the second word' but rather 'the second unit of meaning'. "O dalšího muže" is the first unit.


I see the comments saying that se should be second, so why is it near the end here?


I strongly suggest to read the Tips and notes, not just discussion comments. The comments are not meant to teach you the complete information.

Se must be in the second position. That does not mean a second word if the first element takes multiple words.

Actually, now I see Pollyhs has already asked the same. Please read the answer and do read existing discussions before asking.


Hi, I answered "Nezajímám se o další muži" and would like to understand why it is not accepted. Thank you very much!


Muži is the nominative case but you need the accusative case.


Thank you for asking a nice, clear question! It makes it so much easier for us to help, when we can understand what a learner actually needs or wants to know! Have a lingot for helping us help you!


"Jiní muži nezajímají mne" wasn't accepted, what's wrong with it? Thx


Strangely stresses "me" as if correcting someone or arguing with someone. You'd probably want to continue that sentence explaining who they interest if not me:

"Jiní muži nezajímají mne, ale Františka!" -- other men don't interest me, but they do interest František.


Thank you, that's just what i wanted to hear. Seems i'm grapping it. : )

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