"Ajali mbaya"

Translation:Bad accident

September 12, 2017

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I want to throw my phone through the window! The last question needed 'a' at the beginning then this one doesnt accept an 'a' at the beginning. It's getting so frustrating I might just quit.


Don't quit and don't throw your phone out the window. Swear, growl and give your phone the finger and then file a report, breathe and continue only when you're ready. It's pretty damn frustrating at times, but it's a free course and you can learn a lot here. It's also free training in keeping your zen while having to jump through tiny ridiculous hoops. :-)


I feel the same.... it drives me nuts.... even my grammar and spelling checker goes nuts ..... kwaherini...


Haaa, haaa, haaa , this explanation should to be a hit of this course ! Well that I use stationar computer which is more difficult for throw it through the window. =D

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