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Finished my French tree!

I don't know how to say it. But it's over. The beautiful journey and experience on Duolingo...and things don't feel the same after you have been on this roller coaster ride.

Level: 19 Words learnt: 2624 Total XP: 13926 Streak: 488 Lingots: 1445 Time taken: ~ less than 2 years.

I took my own sweet time - I didn't have any reason to hurry up. Actually, I didn't really come to Duo for French. But since I didn't find the language I wanted, I started this. I don't know what I was thinking at that time, but I am glad I did it. I had done only the first 2 - 3 skills a long time back, but having new-found interest in languages, I came back and finished it.

I must say, this really changed my life! It makes me see a lot of things in a whole new way. The way I think has changed. It makes you a better person. I didn't want it to be over, but all good things come to an end.

To all those who would quit - DON'T. Stick to the end and you will feel a whole new sense of achievement and happiness at the end.

Also, the community here is a really diverse and a great one. Wish me luck on the reverse tree and the DELF/DALF exam :) A huge 'Merci beaucoup' to the entire Duo team and the French team! You can't learn a language the same, great way like on Duo. And you can't have that without such an amazing team.

September 12, 2017



Wow! Congratulations! Cheers to all Language L♥vers!


Cool! Congratulations, and all my best wishes for your further endeavors! :-)


Good luck to you too :)


Great, great work! This article is amazing!! Toujours bonne chance with the DELF/DALF. :)


Congratulations! (Yay!)


Great post. Happy for you. Congrats! :)


Congrats! Le francais est une belle langue!


Congratulations!!! And congratulations for finding and adding so much value to your studies!

I add my thanks to the French team who so lovingly put this together and answered people's questions so well on all the exercise sentences. Very well done! This was a whole lot more fun than French in high school!


Thanks! Yup, the team really deserve the recognition. You have got a great streak - you must preserve it :)

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