"Počítá tamhlety osly."

Translation:He is counting those donkeys.

September 12, 2017

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the correct solution was given as "those arses". Donkeys can be called "asses" but NOT "arses"!!!!


haha i'm from america so sometimes i'm surprised by the english translations.... do people actually say "arses??" about donkeys??


Haha! Yes! To the non-native American English speakers, I'll clarify. "Arse" is how Americans politely say ass, in reference to one's buttocks. This let's you know the speaker would prefer to say ass but is being deferential to more gentile sensibilities. A donkey is an ass, but in the modern time period, now that we don't use them for labor, ass is quite informal, possibly even rude, and would not likely show up in print, unless someone was intentionally being colloquial.

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